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mannheim-578308_1920After working in the water industry in 2 projects outside Nigeria, I was curious to find out information about the water industry in Nigeria. After all, I studied outside so that I can help Nigeria with the new skills I had acquired. Of course i thought a simple “Google” search will do the trick. In fact I said the problem will be information overload once I type in “Nigeria Water Industry” in the search box. Then something strange occurred.

Have you tried finding out information about the water industry in Nigeria – What was your experience like ?

Not only was there very little information about the industry on the first page. The search seemed to steer me towards “Nigeria water crisis or issues”, interestingly I also saw “Nigeria bottled Water”. Wow, so why hasn’t anyone thought about this? What are they doing? … Several thoughts coming to my mind. Then I said; Hold on! If I am in a dark room, instead of complaining about the darkness and why it is dark. A more useful effort will be to find a light switch or create a power source and connect a bulb or at least bring a torch light :) .  The vision came to create a site that has as much reliable information for anyone who wants to learn about the unqiue water industry in a great country like Nigeria.

That is what this website aims to do. If you have had that experience of not knowing where to find relevant information about this industry. We hope that since you have found this site, almost all free content about the Nigerian Water Industry will be at your finger tips. And instead of “everyone” spending the same effort in trying to filter through all the unneccessary search results when you are looking for something specific, this would save you some time and make you progress faster. Together we can achieve a lot and change our water industry for good.

Feel free to offer suggestions and if you have any questions, do not be shy to ask them. I heard a quote recently, the worst question is the one not asked. So ask and if we don’t have the answers, then we have another light to shine in a dark area.
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