Nigerian Water Supply Association (NWSA) is a national non-profit association with a primary role of facilitating the collection, development and exchange of quality information between people undertaking operational roles in the water industry.

Founded: 1997

Reawakened: 2012

Why: To urgently establish a platform conscious of addressing the crucial issues and challenges facing the Water Supply sector

Issue: Scarcity of a valuable resource

Proposed Solution: A process to improve the delivery of water service to consumers through

  • An immense reform of facilities
  • Enhancing capacity building development
  • Promoting peer-peer relationship among private and public water utilities internally and globally

Key function: Building a viable and vibrant water sector in the country

Vision: To provide a platform for coordinating and supporting improved water supply and sanitation service delivery and professional advancement.

Mission: To have a vibrant, formidable, dependable and sustainable organisation that promotes holistic approaches for attainment of the Socio-economic Rights of consumers and practitioners in Nigeria’s Water Sector.


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