Water Mysteries


Our previous post on “Understanding Water” made me search Amazon because I was curious to find out if many had attempted writing on the phrase. I saw only 3 books that related to it and this was me searching till the 10th page. One of the books had something interesting in it which inspired this article. The author spoke about 15 everyday mysteries. I’ll list 5 of them here. See if you can solve these mysteries about water. Ready, Alright, put on your “CSI Hat”. Here it goes:


Wet Sand vs Dry Sand

When stepping into dry sand, you sink deeply, but you hDrySand vs Wet Sandardly sink into the wet sand near the water’s edge. Wet sand is so firm that you can use it for building sturdy castles or large sand sculptures.How exactly does water glue those sand particles together?

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves vs TsunamiWaves ordinarily dissipates after traveling a relatively short distance. however, tsunami waves can circumnavigate the Earth several times before finally petering out. Why do they persist for such immense distances?



DiaperThey are similar to gels and can hold lots of water: more than 50 times their weight of urine and 800 times their weight of pure water. How can they hold so much water?


Slipperiness of Ice

Solid materials don’t usuallySlippery Ice slide past one another so easily: think of your shoes on a hilly street. Friction keeps you from sliding. If the hill is icy, then you must exercise great care …. Why does ice behave so differently from most solids?


Yogurt’s Consistency

YogurtWhy does yogurt hold together as firmly as it does?




Remember to leave your comments below, I know the answers will be interesting.


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